'Face down the European Union here and now': United Kingdom farming minister resigns

Minnie Murray
March 2, 2019

If Britain leaves with a deal, there will be no change until at least the end of 2020. Lawmakers in the House of Commons voted 502-20 in favor of a symbolic motion underscoring May's promise.

Two-thirds of Labour-held seats voted to leave the European Union and this must not be ignored in an attempt to reverse Brexit.

European Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier said on Thursday that the United Kingdom needed to make a decision rather than call for a possible postponement of the Brexit deadline, adding that the talks on the United Kingdom withdrawal from Europe were at "a grave moment".

The European Union (EU) is ready to give Britain more guarantees that the Irish "backstop" is only meant to be temporary, the bloc's chief Brexit negotiator said on Friday.

He said Brussels has "deliberately made progress slow and difficult" in the talks.

Barnier's negotiators are now hammering out additional legal texts to attach to the deal with the aim of persuading the House of Commons that a "backstop" for trade over the Irish border will not mean Britain risks being stuck forever with European Union rules.

"We know that there are misgivings in Britain that the backstop could keep Britain forever connected to the EU", Michel Barnier said in an interview with Germany's Die Welt newspaper to be published on Saturday.

Bloomberg March 1 at 6:58 AM The sight of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, a self-professed "best friend" to Britain, berating Theresa May's Brexit strategy this week was telling.

MPs also voted by 324 votes to 288 against a Scottish National Party motion to avoid "no deal".

But the opposition Labour Party announced it would now support a new public vote on Brexit, the first time since Britain voted in 2016 to leave the European Union that one of its main parties has backed giving voters a chance to change their minds.

Meanwhile an amendment put forward by Labour main opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, calling on the government to adopt Labour's preferred Brexit position, was comfortably defeated.

Spain plans at first to allow British nationals to stay if they hold a simple certificate of residency delivered to them, as to any other European Union citizen, before Britain's exit, Spain's draft decree published on Friday showed.

British Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay said: "We are taking steps to ensure supply chains continue to function, whatever the circumstances of our departure, and that mitigation is in place to avoid disruption at borders".

Madrid is also offering continuing free care in the Spanish public health service to British residents for a 21-month period after Brexit, if Britain offers the same to Spaniards.

Mrs May had negotiated a Brexit deal with European leaders, but it was rejected on Jan 15 in the biggest parliamentary defeat in modern British history. FUW President Glyn Roberts said.

"Today, above all, we need a decision", Barnier said at a press conference in Vienna.

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