Schiff: There is 'direct evidence' of Trump collusion

Minnie Murray
March 4, 2019

The publication contested the application of the trump of own hard-earned capital and nearly no financial support from the father of the famous NY developer Fred trump.

"I would just like to say, if these socialist progressives had their way, they would put the Constitution through the paper shredder in a heart beat", Williams said.

Trump said he planned to sign the order "very soon", but did not provide specifics or say whether a draft has already been prepared. They should work hard on it.

Trump's speech zigzagged from trade to immigration, the 2016 campaign to last fall's midterm elections. "I'd like to watch television, darling".

Trump continued to bask in his 2016 victory and the crowds that attend his events.

At the time of Cohen's testimony, Trump was in Vietnam trying - without result - to cut a denuclearization deal with dictator Kim Jong-Un.

Zelizer is a professor of history and public affairs at Princeton University, and author, with Kevin Kruse, of the new book "Fault Lines: A History of the United States Since 1974".

The remarks were met with backlash from both Republican and Democrat lawmakers, with Warmbier's parents releasing a statement saying they held Kim and his regime responsible. "I think they have to be careful to lay out a persuasive case of why they're taking - undertaking each one of these investigations".

Trump addressed criticism from the parents of Otto Warmbier, an American student who died after 17 months in a North Korean prison.

He also criticized congressional Democrats, special counsel Robert Mueller, and the FBI for "bullshit" investigations, and mocked House Democrats' "Green New Deal" legislation sponsored by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).

"This phony thing looks like it's dying so they don't have anything with Russian Federation there, no collusion", he said, adding: "these people are sick".

"So now they go and morph into, let's inspect every deal he's ever done, " Trump complained.

Two hours into his CPAC speech, Trump brought up the North Korea talks, declaring his affection for the Warmbiers and talking about the "very, very delicate balance" of the nuclear negotiations. "We're going to check...' - these people are sick".

Instead, Jordan argued that the real scandal is in how the Justice Department and the special counsel made a decision to open investigations in the first place, accusing the Justice Department of being a political weapon. So far, Mueller has not brought any public charges alleging a criminal conspiracy between the campaign and Russian Federation; the investigation continues. Cohen, who worked for the president for a decade as his top "fixer" at the Trump Organization, assailed his ex-boss as "a racist. a conman. a cheat" in testimony on Wednesday to the House Oversight Committee.

In the Budget Committee of the lower house of Congress intend to check usage data President Donald trump of fraud schemes, including tax.

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