Facebook Messenger Gets a Dark Mode

James Marshall
March 5, 2019

Facebook Messenger for Android has received an experimental dark mode feature after it was first hinted at last May (via Android Police).

Once the emoji has been sent, users should see a shower of crescent moon emojis parade down the interface -similar to the balloon and confetti eruption that appears when leaving a "congrats" comment on a friend's status update.

Facebook Messenger's dark mode should be available now for all users.

To unlock dark mode in Messenger, you must first send a message to someone you know (or even yourself) that consists exclusively of a crescent-shaped moon emoji (the one that looks like this: ☽). In the meantime, you can use the Easter Egg to make dark mode work on Facebook Messenger.

Some users have reported instances of a pop-up window that will inform you of the new feature, though that didn't happen in our experience. That alert includes a shortcut you can tap to head to your settings page, where the dark mode toggle will be front and center.

This will unlock the secret setting, and prompt you to turn it on. However, the feature is now available to all users. I unlocked the mode by messaging a spammy Facebook bot. But it's been more than four months since then and Facebook still hasn't rolled out this feature to its users. In fact, you can even send it to yourself if you want to.

This can be done for other types of content as well, not just text messages.

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