'Leaving Neverland' Paints a Darker, Disturbing Portrait of Michael Jackson

Tanya Cunningham
March 5, 2019

Below is all the information you need to watch Leaving Neverland online and live Sunday to see the Michael Jackson miniseries.

In the film, Robson explains how he first became friends with Jackson, who was in his mid-30s, after meeting him when he won a dance competition at the age of 5.

However, the newspaper reports bosses decided last week the King of Pop's back catalogue will no longer make it onto the air.

To his adoring public, and for a time to the children he famously befriended, Michael Jackson was an eternally childlike Peter Pan.

Safechuck, who met Jackson when he was cast in the star's 1986 Pepsi commercial, claims Jackson taught him how to masturbate, while Robson, who met Jackson when he was just 5 years old, says the star performed oral sex on him and kissed him. Both men accuse Michael Jackson of molesting them multiple times throughout their adolescent years. He claims that on the tour, Jackson taught him to masturbate. "It's only by telling that story and threading the theme through the story and building the characters and getting to know the family and getting to know the relationships and understanding what happened that you can really understand why it was that Wade changed his story". After going back and forth on this, I've come to the conclusion that yes, we do. "Making kids happy. That's the kind of person he was".

Both Robson and James Safechuck, the other accused featured in the film, have previously publicly accused Jackson of sexual abuse with the former saying he didn't realise he had been abused until reconsidering the events during a therapy session in 2012.

This comes after the doc, which was directed by The Paedophile Hunter director Dan Reed, aired on HBO last night and ahead of its TX on Channel 4 in the United Kingdom later this week.

"Michael's training of me to testify began the first night that he started abusing me", Robson alleged. We should also probably toss most of Jackson's lesser hits, i.e. everything after Bad (and even some of that album's songs should probably to be torched), simply because it's not very good music.

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