EA admits Anthem is crashing PS4 consoles

James Marshall
March 7, 2019

It does not solve the bug itself that is now causing it to crash and brick while playing Anthem, so it is best to avoid the game until EA provides an update.

Indeed, multiple users have gotten in touch with Kotaku, with the website itself stating: "We've also gotten tips from players affected by the issue, including at least one who says that ANTHEM bricked their PS4 as well".

"We are now in process of gathering information about the PS4 issues so we can determine the root cause", reads the post. The PS4 will then display the error code CE-36329-3 if there was some problem with the console's software.

Gamers have taken to Reddit and EA's boards to detail their individual experiences with Anthem, and things are not looking rosy for BioWare, EA, or even Sony.

Reddit user katcher12 reports that if you believe Anthem may have bricked your console, it's entirely possible that it only corrupted its file management system.

"Happened to me as well", Terry2Toke, one of the hundreds of Reddit users who commented on the thread, revealed.

Sony Offering Refunds for Anthem PS4 Owners
Anthem is causing some consoles to crash – here's what to do if it happens to you

The issue isn't just restricted to consoles either: one of our writers had to buy a new power supply after Anthem caused his PC to crash, causing it to enter a neverending power cycle.

"We're aware of a crashing issue some of you have been reporting for #AnthemGame".

Updated March 5 with a tweet from EA calling for crash data reports.

Understandably, the players encountering these issues aren't keen on risking the health of a gaming console worth several hundred dollars.

It's the equivalent of outright pulling the plug from the console. One user report described it as if they had pulled the plug of the console from an electrical outlet. As in, making the console not work anymore.

Now, Sony is notoriously strict when it comes to player refunds. According to IGN, this crashing could occur when matchmaking in the online game, booting players back to the main menu, or worse. I do this each time.

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