Watch Samsung's Galaxy Fold get folded many, many times

James Marshall
March 30, 2019

Ahead of its release, Samsung has put out a video showcasing the durability of its fold.

Samsung's Galaxy Fold Folding Test subjected the device to 200,000 folds and unfolds (which equals to five years of use, if used 100 times a day, according to the company).

Before debuting the flexible handset, the Fold underwent factory fold testing that completely opened and closed the device 200,000 times throughout the course of a week.

The tablet will pack an 8MP rear- and 5MP front-facing camera - that's not particularly impressive compared to the recent Samsung Galaxy S10 range of smartphones, but cameras in tablets are much more about functionality in video calls than photography. Would you be happy with a tablet sized display featuring such a visible crease when browsing images or watching videos, for example?

That said, there's little reason to believe that Samsung's folding test is the last word on this product's quality and longevity. But, again, this is an in-house video meant to make us want to buy the Galaxy Fold. It says that the folding durability test is a key part of these folding device assessments.

We haven't even got Samsung's first foldable phone yet, but tech doesn't stand still even for a second, so we're already looking at the potential next design on the company's list of foldables.

I remember when the Samsung Galaxy Nexus launched for Verizon, the variant physically had different dimensions since the GSM variant was thinner. Reports indicate that the new 5G variant of Samsung's premium smartphone will cost more than $1,200.

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