Wow Air collapses just days before move to London Stansted

Muriel Colon
March 30, 2019

The next day, passengers got an email from WOW Air, saying the airliner ceased operations and flights were canceled.

Founded in 2011, the airline operated out of Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

WOW Air's demise is the latest reminder that while ultra low-priced carriers can launch with much fanfare, they can also fail just as spectacularly.

FLIGHT PLAN: Here's what to do if you're an affected WOW air customer (Pic: PA) What rescue fares are available for affected customers?

Thousands of passengers have been affected following the sudden closure of the budget airline which operated flights from Dublin to Reykjavik, a number of USA states and Canada. Wow had already canceled a number of worldwide flights out of Newark, N.J., Baltimore/Washington global Airport and other airports Wednesday night.

Mogensen had been working furiously over the past months to save the airline he founded in 2011, holding talks with potential rescuers including Icelandair and us private equity firm Indigo Partners.

The 10 top local news stories from metro Boston and around New England delivered daily. It advised them to find flights with other airlines.

As of now, the airline is encouraging passengers to contact their credit card companies for status updates on refunds and to check available flights with other airlines.

Even if you have exceeded the time limit, O'Shea recommends contacting your credit card company and hoping for a sympathetic agent.

Further information is being offered through the Icelandic Transport Authority.

Connections to North America could be worse hit by Wow's collapse, although Icelandair, which serves more than 20 locations in the USA and Canada, would be expected to pick up the slack.

Back in October, WOW air, the ultra-low-cost airline based out of Iceland, stated that a Vancouver route was slated to begin in June 2019.

The flyer was in desperate need of cash after grounding flights on Monday too as it struggled to stay afloat.

We all book flights using different methods, if you booked via a travel agency, they might be responsible for refunding you, depending on whether flights are covered by travel insurance. You can also buy a walk-up fare, but brace yourself for a high figure - possibly upward of $1,000.

Travelers holding a reservation for summer or fall travel should start shopping around for a replacement flight as soon as possible.

As per European regulations on Air Passenger Rights, they also claim that some passengers may be able to get money back from WOW Air, as it is a case of bankruptcy. It instructs passengers to file their claims with the administrator or liquidator.

The Canadian travel industry has seen quite a few LCCs and ULCCs come and go, from blink-and-you'll-miss-them Roots Air and Greyhound Air (infamous for its anti-agent advertising campaign), to Jetsgo, to major carriers like Canada 3000.

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