Valve’s VR headset could be available this May

James Marshall
April 2, 2019

Unfortunately there's no sign of the Half-Life game that some insiders were suggesting might be revealed alongside a VR headset from Valve - though maybe Valve is just waiting until May to give us the details.

Per earlier rumors, the Valve Index should have a 135-degree field of view and knuckles controllers. It is expected that the Valve Index will be a tethered device, connected to your PC as per Valve's forte. It has its own page with the straightforward tagline "Upgrade your experience" and a May 2019 date, which is presumably when we'll get the full reveal. Gaben is obviously teasing us.

Whilst there have been many, many rumours over the last few years, nothing has ever been official from Valve.

Valve Index Knuckles Controller
Valve has also confirmed that the new Index VR Headset will use the Knuckles controller

Valve's upcoming VR headset is getting ready to take on the Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR. The first virtual reality headset Valve ever helped create was the HTC Vive.

An unfinished Steam page for the Valve Index has appeared, and it says the Valve-produced VR headsets will ship on June 15. Nevertheless, can't wait to see what Valve has in store for VR this time around. Of course, this is all conjecture based on the information available, which does not extend beyond the image itself. That is, in conjunction with the Half-Life news, more than a little to look forward to!

As per a report by Kotaku, Valve has been working on their own VR headset for a while now. I truly hope we see a new industry defining moment where Valve could knock all other game developers and digital distribution platforms on their ass.

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