BORDERLANDS 3 Trailer Reveals New Vault Hunters and Villains

James Marshall
April 5, 2019

In addition, Gearbox is also preparing a number of special editions that players can pre-order before the game's September release. Players will be able to choose from four entirely new Vault Hunters, each with unique abilities and skill trees. By April 3, the day the exclusivity was announced, 419 negative reviews had been submitted. And in all honesty, if that means Epic Games Store is the platform to make that happen - so be it.

The Pyscho is surrounded by a small selection of Borderlands 3's bajillion guns, and a bed of roses that contain the faces of familiar characters. In previous Borderlands games, loot would be shared, meaning that other players could grab loot before you and it'd be gone. The title will be arriving on September 13, 2019 for PC (exclusively via the Epic Store for 6 months), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Both Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition and the update for The Handsome Collection are now available.

Borderlands 3 on PC will be a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store.

Gearbox responded to the leak in jest, noting that it'll reveal more at 9AM ET today.

Finally, the Collector's Edition also reveals there will be season pass, and it will also come with a map, steelbook, and a loot chest replica.

Are you a big fan of Borderlands co-op?

Much of what is going to happen on April 3 remains a mystery; however, we do know that several other Borderland projects will be launching on that date.

Borderlands 3 Standard Edition ($59.99 USD) The standard edition of the game. These characters are the mech user Moze, the siren Amara, beastmaster Fl4k, and gadget user Zane. You won't be limited to just one planet (Pandora) this time around; there will be multiple worlds to explore and loot. Randy then goes on to state that Borderlands 3 might feature full cross-platform play, stating "Myself and the team at Gearbox have a very keen interest in cross-platform play".

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