Trump on releasing tax returns: 'They'll speak to my lawyers'

Minnie Murray
April 6, 2019

Neal had received much criticism for dragging his feet on requesting Trump's taxes.

Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee, has officially requested Trump's tax returns from 2013 to 2018.

White House officials had tried to figure out a way that Trump could halt undocumented immigrants from entering the US while not obstructing the flow of almost $1.7 billion of goods and services crossing the border each day, along with almost a half-million legal workers, students, shoppers and tourists.

After Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report on his Russian Federation investigation found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, some Democrats have been continuing efforts to investigate the president's business dealings and other actions.

But Barr notified Congress in a letter in March that he is scrubbing the report - with the special counsel's help - of such information.

When asked by reporters on Wednesday whether he planned to release the returns, Trump again declined and said they remained under audit.

"They'll speak to my lawyers and they'll speak to the attorney general", he repeated.

The Department of Homeland Security referred questions Thursday to the White House, which did not respond to multiple requests for comment. "Oh, usually it's 10 so I guess they're giving up".

McCarthy reacted during his weekly news conference to the news that House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal has now formally requested the President's tax returns from the Internal Revenue Service by accusing the committee of having "voted yesterday to weaponize the IRS to attack political opponents".

A Democratic aide said the committee selected a manageable number of business entities that provide a vital window on Trump's business activity.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told the Ways and Means Committee last month that if such a request were to be made, the administration "will follow the law and we will protect the president as we would protect any individual taxpayer under their rights".

"The Ways and Means Committee's strongest oversight ability is making sure the IRS is operating properly", said Steve Rosenthal, a senior fellow at the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center think tank in Washington. "Presidents have never been forced to release it, they volunteered to release those tax returns".

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that Democrats would file a lawsuit aimed at preventing Trump from "stealing" billions from federal programs and diverting the money to building barriers along the border.

"This was not a transparency subpoena, this was a 2020 subpoena", Rep.

Trump said on Thursday that media coverage in recent days has prompted Mexico to take action to curb the flow of immigrants to the United States and take other action to ease the pressure on USA ports of entry.

"It's all political theater". "You know, I wouldn't be averse to turning over my taxes. They're evidence-based in what they are doing".

The Republican president used an emergency declaration to secure the money that Congress refused to give him for the wall.

Trump shrugged off the Democratic request for his taxes on Wednesday evening, using similar phraseology as when he was asked during the campaign about his taxes.

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