Westchester Has Its First Confirmed Cases Of Measles

Spencer Underwood
April 15, 2019

Rockland County of NY declared a state of emergency as its measles outbreak entered its 26th week, last week, according to NBC.

As our partner in protecting the public's health, we need your assistance in educating parents and guardians about the dangers of measles and the benefits of vaccination.

A state judge sided with Mr. Sussman and the parents, issuing a preliminary injunction against the county's emergency order. If New Yorkers fail to take up the offer, they face $1,000 fines.

A lawyer is poised to file a lawsuit challenging the order this week.

"It was time to take a more muscular approach", Mayor Bill de Blasio told a news conference as the emergency measures were announced.

Anyone who would like to receive a vaccine at one of these clinics should register in advance for an appointment at www.health.ny.gov/gotoclinic/60.

Health officials have made robocalls urging vaccination to more than 30,000 Williamsburg households and have stocked health care providers in the community with an ample supply of vaccine, Palacio said.

New York City is being hit by a measles outbreak outbreak affecting the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn where 285 people had the virus since October.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is in the midst of the country's largest measles outbreak-but residents are still split on what should be done. Some of those who've succumbed to the illness have been purposely infected with the disease, as parents in parts of New York City have been hosting "measles parties" to help spread the illness from those already infected to those who haven't been vaccinated.

The notice said the university was "working to alert those students who have not submitted proper records". And, other religious groups must now do the same by beginning to push local faith leaders to acknowledge the moral imperative of public health.

"This is the second-greatest number of cases reported in the USA since measles was eliminated in 2000", it said. The MMR vaccine, she said, is "one of the most highly effective vaccines in terms of protection and it is lifelong". "It's a very small minority", said Dr. Jay Begun, a pediatrician in Williamsburg.

Pushing back against such "junk science" absorbs a good deal of her energy as she works to educate and persuade the 300,000 residents of Rockland County to cooperate with health authorities and alert them to any new cases of disease. "The delay it is what's fueling this outbreak". Miriam's daughter doesn't want to vaccinate her children, she said, because she is anxious about the vaccines affecting brain function. The reasons for the explosion of cases among members of insular, ultra-orthodox communities has more to do with their frequent contacts with Israel, which is undergoing its own measles crisis, combined with their insularity and general mistrust of government, say health officials. "I don't think they should be getting fined, I think another penalty should be given", said Charlette Hamlin, 36, who is in favor of vaccinations for all. Six of the children are siblings.

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